Incisal Guidance Table

Incisal Guidance Table

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Incisal Guidance Table For Artex articulator.

Incisal Guidance Table For Artex CR Articulator


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Product Description

Incisal Guidance Table Artex articulator accessories

These accessories are compatible with Artex Dental System. It is a fully adjustable Artex articulator C-R accessory. It plays a significant role in model production.

Artex Dental Incisal Guidance Table is a significant part of the Artex Dental Articulator. It is mainly used for the accuracy of the Incisal Guidance Angle. The Incisal Guidance Table gives guidance to the articulator for incisal angle.

It helps in the placement of vertical rods to rest on the centre of the incisal guide table during the process of articulation. Artex dental incisal guidance has a fixed incisal guidance angle.

There are two purposes for using an incisal guidance table.

  1. Repeating the pre-existing anterior guidance of the patients.
  2. Creation of a new diagnostic wax-up after repeating the pre-existing anterior direction of the patient.

Artex dental incisal guidance table is made as per the International Standard Protocols. It has an excellent quality which makes it reliable and easy to use. Artex incisal guidance table is made up of the best quality material to ensure its sustainability.

Its lightweight and compact dimensions make it easy to move and use wherever it is needed. The adjustment options make it configurable and increase its usage. This Artex dental incisal guidance table is highly compatible with the Artex C-R articulator.