Mouth Mirror With LED For Dental Office

Mouth Mirror With LED For Dental Office

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Oral mirror for dental office

  • With LED Light feature
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Mouth Mirror With LED


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Product Description

Mouth Mirror with LED Feature

  • Toggle switch simple to operate
  • The super bright LED lit dental mirror allows you to clearly see your teeth.
  • Examine your teeth for plaque accumulation.
  • Disinfect it using alcohol rather than boiling water!
  • It can be used again following sterilization.
  • The product is designed for dental use, with a stainless steel metal body and head that can be removed and sanitized at high temperatures and pressures. (High temperature and high pressure will not sanitize the LED.)
  • It is lightweight, has a gleaming coating layer, a superb hand feel, and is easy to use in the dental office.
  • The head glass is made of a high-transmittance, antifogging, heat-resistant, and sterilizable material.

Mouth mirror length is 185 mm, and the mirror diameter is 22 mm, the product do not contain the battery, client can buy the battery from local shopping mall.

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