Peek Block Dental

Peek Block Dental

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Milling System, Height, Colors
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dental peek disc for sale

Wholesale prices peek block dental online;

Dentistry cad/cam milling system of zirkonzahn, amann girrbach, wieland are compatible;

Colors options: White, pink, yellow, nature.

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Product Description

Peek Blocks Dental

Medical dentistry standard peeks material features of biocompatibility, good mechanical properties, radiolucency, and taste-neutral. It can be the application of milling in dentistry cad/cam machine to fabricate aesthetic prosthesis of implant, crown, bridge, etc.

cad cam peek dental materials application in dentistry

With dental peek features of extra flexibility, the peek prosthesis produced by dentistry cad/cam technology in the mouth remains resilient even after years of daily biting, grinding, and chewing.

Peek blocks dental cad cam materials that are compatible with Zirkonzah, Amann Girrbach, and an open dental milling system.

The dental peek blocks have options of nature, white, yellow, and pink, the block’s height ranges from 12 mm to 30 mm available to choose from. Peek blocks colors are Nature, Pink, White, Yellow available.

When you are ready to purchase the peek blocks, carefully choose the right milling system, block height, and color that you are looking for in the laboratory.

Open System Amann Girrbach System Zirkon zahn System
D98x10mm 89x71x10mm D95x10mm
D98x12mm 89x71x12mm D95x12mm
D98x14mm 89x71x14mm D95x14mm
D98x16mm 89x71x16mm D95x16mm
D98x18mm 89x71x18mm D95x18mm
D98x20mm 89x71x20mm D95x20mm
D98x22mm 89x71x22mm D95x22mm
D98x25mm 89x71x25mm D95x25mm


dental peek parameter

Additional Information

Milling System

Zirkonzahn, Open system, Amann Girrbach


10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, 30mm


Nature, White, Yellow, Pink