Lithium Disilicate Blanks

Lithium Disilicate Blanks

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lithium disilicate block

Sirona Cerec system of lithium disilicate blanks wholesale prices online

  • C14 and B40 Size options
  • Translucency LT(52% translucency) and HT(58% translucency)
  • Colors: VITA Class Shades, Bleaches:BL1,BL2,BL3,BL4
  • Minimum biaxial flexural strength 300Mpa after crystallization
  • Package: 5pcs per box
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Product Description

Lithium Disilicate Blanks

The cad cam blanks are compatible with the Sirona Cerec milling system, it has LT and HT translucency, and sizes of B14 and C14.

Strength: The minimum biaxial flexural strength of the lithium disilicate block for all-ceramic dentures after complete crystallization is 300MPa.

Lithium disilicate blank features as followings:

  • Superior aesthetic and transparency
  • Aesthetics and hardness simulating natural tooth (reducing the excessive wear of the opposing teeth and surrounding restorations
  • High chemical stability and mechanical strength
  • nano micron crystallization provides better edge stability and structural accuracy for milling
  • The simple and rapid crystallization process reduces operating time
  • Shade: Vita Class Shades, Plus bleaches BL1, BL2,BL3,BL4.
  • with a shrinkage ratio close to zero, facilitates the efficient design and digital processing
  • Package: 5pcs/box.


lithium disilicate application on dentistry cad cam restoration

Physical properties

  • After crystallization, dentistry: 2.4~2.7g/cm3
  • Vickers hardness:5400±400Mpa
  • Fracture toughness: 2.23 MPA m1/2
  • Minimum biaxial flexural strength after sintering:300 Mpa

Crystallization process

Crystallization of lithium disilicate material

Dentistry lithium disilicate composite

Chemical Composition Percentage
SiO2 58.5%72.5%
Li2O 13%15%
K2O 3%5%
Other 7.5%-25%

Additional Information


C14, B40




A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2, B3, B4, C1, C2, C3, C4, D2, D3, D4, BL1, BL2, BL3, BL4