Dental Lab Lathe Brushes

Dental Lab Lathe Brushes

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48mm cotton yarn brushes for dental lathe equipment

Lathe Brushes Dental Laboratory Supplies Wholesale Price.

Polishing brushes with a hub for dental laboratory lathe equipment.

Options of the cotton yard, brass, bristle, and different diameter are available.

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Dental Lab Lathe Brushes

Dental lab polishing brushes with wooden core are manufactured from the best quality Chungking bristle and finest selected hair.

The wooden core guarantees easy mounting and dismounting from the conical spindle of a polishing unit.

The density of the bristles, cotton yard, or hair in the bundle, the number of bundles per row, and the security system to retain the bundles insures a long service life for the brushes.


The dental lab lathe brushes with longer, softer bristles are used for pre-polishing of dental acrylics, composites, and precious metal alloys.

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Wooden diameter 51mm, Wooden diameter 54mm, Cotton yard diameter 48mm, Brass diameter 48mm

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