About root canal treatment

About root canal treatment

root canal treatment in details

Nowadays, most people don’t pay much attention to oral problems, which causes a variety of diseases. Toothache is a relatively common phenomenon. Generally, root canal treatment is used during the treatment process, which can effectively remove some undesirable irritation around the root tip and prevent toothache. Then, let’s take a look at the root canal treatment steps.

Clinically, it is divided into three steps: root canal preparation, root canal disinfection and root canal filling. It requires 2-4 visits and takes 2-3 weeks.

① Root canal preparation
Use mechanical or chemical methods to completely remove the diseased tissue in the root canal of the tooth, clarify the number and length of the root canal, expand the root canal to a certain thickness, and prepare for the strict filling of the root canal.

② Root canal disinfection
A medicine is enclosed in the prepared root canal to kill microorganisms in the root canal to prevent future troubles. In order to improve the effect of root canal disinfection, in addition to the use of drugs, electrolytic disinfection, ultrasonic disinfection, microwave disinfection, and laser disinfection can also be selectively used in combination. Those who only use drugs to disinfect the root canals should continue treatment at the appointment time. If the follow-up visit is postponed, the effect of the drugs in disinfecting the root canals may be compromised.

③ Root canal filling
Strictly fill the enlarged and disinfected root canal with drugs to eliminate the root canal cavity, isolate the periapical tissue from the root canal and the outside channel, so that the periapical tissue is free from external pathological factors.
Many people take good care of their own physical diseases, but don’t care about teeth. In fact, dental pain can also affect the normal life of the patient. The majority of patients should pay more attention to check their teeth and take preventive measures.
Root canal treatment is a delicate operation, and the operation time is longer. When receiving root canal treatment, the patient must be patient, communicate with the dentist, and actively cooperate, do not rush for success, and strive to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. After treatment, you must pay attention to dietary issues. Don’t eat spicy foods, and eat more foods with high nutrients to improve immunity.

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