What details do we need to pay attention to for crown restoration?

What details do we need to pay attention to for crown restoration?

teeth crown restoration

Crown restoration, commonly known as “braces” and “porcelain teeth”, is the process of bonding an artificial crown made of a specific material to a specially prepared tooth. The purpose is to repair tooth shape and defect teeth, restore tooth function; improve the appearance of teeth, such as color, shape, and size; protect teeth that have undergone neuro-killing treatment or large-area defects.

What are the precautions for crown restoration?

  1. Eat half an hour after the temporary crown is bonded, do not chew with the affected side (temporary crown), and avoid eating too sticky and hard food.
  2. Temporary tooth loss, promptly call to make an appointment for follow-up consultation.
  3. Pay attention to clean the parts with temporary teeth.
  4. Come and try on the restoration in about a week.
  5. Those with special aesthetic requirements, special tooth color, and special model should be photographed, and the photo dental model should be kept on file for the patient’s signature.
aesthetical teeth requirement
  1. Eat 1-2 hours after the crown is bonded, and try to avoid using it for 24-48 hours. You may feel uncomfortable when you wear it for the first time, and you will usually get used to it in about a week.
  2. You should eat soft food after you first wear a crown, and you can eat normally after getting used to it.
  3. The crown will collapse if the pressure exceeds its stress range. Don’t eat hard food.
  4. In the initial stage, compared with before the restoration, the alignment of the upper and lower cusps may change. In the initial stage, eat slowly to avoid biting the cheek and tongue mucosa.
  5. When wearing a crown for the first time, avoid eating cold and hot foods, so as not to cause excitement pain. Temporary heat and cold sensitivity or pain, which can be gradually relieved over time.
  6. The joint between the crown and the abutment tends to accumulate plaque and form calculus. Care should be taken to keep the oral cavity clean and develop the habit of brushing teeth after meals.