What Are The Disadvantages Of Root Canal Treatment?

What Are The Disadvantages Of Root Canal Treatment?

Disadvantages Of Root Canal Treatment

A root canal is the last resort to prevent the tooth from permanent damage. And it is performed when the cavity reaches root level and causing extreme pain and restlessness due to infection and bacteria starts eating the gums touching the roots of your teeth.

Though a root canal can save your teeth from permanent damage, it has several drawbacks and creates certain problems for the people who go through this treatment. If your teeth are in extremely bad condition, you can ask the dentist to remove the same permanently from your mouth to enjoy a painless chewing experience.


Apart from bearing the extreme pain, going through root canal treatment, has several side effects that can create a problem for you. So, if you are mulling to get the root canal treatment you need to know its disadvantages which are discussed below.

  • Expensive Treatment Process

The most important disadvantage of a root canal is, its treatment process is expensive, Hence, if you cannot afford you should avoid the same go for the alternative treatment process to cure your teeth like permanent tooth extraction.

Although, if you want to save your tooth and not in favor to remove it from your mouth you can opt for temporary treatment to get relief for few days. And when you manage the money go for the treatment as per your affordability.

  • A Complex Treatment Process

Compare to other dental curing, treating the teeth through the root canal is much more complex and dangerous. Actually, the entire process involves multiple stages to carry out the treatment like cleaning, filling, and capping of teeth.

And to perform complicated dental surgeries you also need to visit the best dental clinic where you can get trouble-free and safe treatment. And a well-qualified and experienced teeth specialist doctor can do that.

  • Tooth Becomes Breakable

After going through the root canal treatment process, your tooth becomes fragile, as it is disconnected from the roots and not getting any kind of nutrition naturally from your body which makes it brittle and makes it prone to chipping.

Your treated tooth can easily break down or can crack when exposed to too much pressure and a cracked tooth also invites bacteria and infection.

  • Requires Extra Precautions and Care

As we have already said, root canal treatment makes your tooth weak, so you need to be careful while chewing or brushing your teeth. As regular brushing can decay such teeth due to lack of nourishment and not support from natural roots.

And if while filling the white porcelain, the quality of the material is not good or not long-lasting you will again face the same problem in the same tooth.

  • Need to Visit at Dentist Regularly

If any of your teeth are treated with a root canal treatment process, you not only need to care of that but also have to visit the dentist in Jamaica for regular checkups. As carelessness sometimes makes your teeth dark and infected.

And this can happen if the treatment process is not done properly and any small amount of pulp left inside causing pain and infection. Hence, visit at your nearest dental clinic for regular dental exams to avoid major dental problems in life.