Dental Lab Polishing Brushes

Dental Lab Polishing Brushes

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stainless steel brush for dental lab

Polishing brushes for dental laboratory wholesale prices.

  • Extensive types and different polishing materials
  • Application of dental lab denture acrylic, metal etc. polishing
  • 100pcs per bag, free shipping


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Laboratory polishing brushes

The dental laboratory polishing brush is a high-quality tooth cleaning and polishing brush with different shapes and polishing materials that is immediately identifiable.

The Handpiece HP shank provides a unique additional value by preventing scratches or damage to neighboring teeth surfaces when they come into touch with during the cleaning and polishing procedure.

The dental lab polishing brushes are extensively used to finish and polish porcelain dentures, cobalt chrome metal alloy dentures, plaster, acrylic, and other workpieces.

These are designed to be attached to a straight headpiece, loaded with prophylaxis paste, and used to clean and polish normal teeth as well as glass ionomer, composite, or metallic fillings.

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Dental Lab Polishing Brush Polisher

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