Dental Plaster Saw Blade

Dental Plaster Saw Blade

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Plaster Saw Blade For Electric Dental Die Separating Machine

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Dental Lab Plaster cutting saw blade


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Product Description

Diamond disc for die separating unit

This plaster cutting disc is for the electric dental die machine, the cutting ability is powerful and constant by electrical power than hand saw blade instrument.

Plaster saw blade is made of diamond grits and stainless, and two side cutting features, there is no vibration when cutting and separating on the plaster models.

It is recommended speed of 20,000 – 25,000rpm on the dental die cutting machine.

Furthermore, dental plaster saw blade is chrome color and one piece per box.

Diamond disc dimension as followings:

  • Overall diameter 85 mm
  • Thickness 0.3 mm
  • Inner hole diameter 20 mm

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