Dental Polishing Lathe


The dental lathe is considered the important and necessary equipment and also it is mainly used for restorations in a dental lab. The dental lathe will make the process simple and efficient, and also it comes with a powerful motor that will make the trimming and restoration process easier. So, in this article, we will discuss dental lathe and its uses.

What is a dental lathe?

A dental lathe is similar to the bench grinder and it is an electronic device that is used with abrasives for polishing, fabricating, and finishing dental prostheses. The main purpose of the dental lathe is that it will be used in the polishing of crowns and dentures.

The dental lathe comes with powerful motors and these powerful motors will help in the trimming and polishing purposes. The lathe consists of one or two spindles and it is mainly designed in such a way so that it can mount easily on the bench to offer stability.

Using the lathe, we can easily do the polishing or restoration for the models, crown, substructures, and the other dental restoration and parts.  

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  • Uses of the dental lathe:

The dental polishing lathe is the necessary equipment in the dental laboratory and it is mainly used to polish the dentures, crowns, inlays, and bridges. The lather will offer high-performance in the dental industry.

The dental lathe is mainly used in the dental industry and most people will use the lathe to get the required precise and trouble-free polishing. The lathes are easy to use as it is made with ergonomic and durable design.

Even though the lathe offers a lot of benefits, still the most important uses of the lathe are;

  • It is used to polish or trim the custom trays
  • Used for the provisional coverage
  • Can be used to polish or trim the denture
  • Used for the indirect restoration
  • The most important use of the dental lathe is that it will help in the buffing, polishing and till last minute shaping everything is handled by the lathe
  • The dental lathe will enhance the natural tooth surface aesthetics
  • It will help to get the dental model which will look natural
  • Also, it will help to reduce the roughness and scratches produced in the dental model
  • The lathe comes with the polishing and finishing attachments so the fabrication and the finished process will be easier when compared to the other process

How to use the dental lathe?

The dental lathe is simple and easy to use, but there are certain rules which you need to follow while using the lathe. In the dental supply store, you will find various types of lathes and according to each lathe, the procedure and specification will get varied. But there is a common thing for the lathe, which are we need to use the pumice slurry for all types of the lathe so that the polishing will be efficient. Also, for every use, we need to change the pumice slurry, which is you should use the new pumice.  

In this list, the spinning dental lathe is widely used and it is mainly used for delicate work. It comes with a high-speed motor that will polish and finishes the artificial teeth, and it will make the teeth look more natural. This kind of lathe is only used for fine work on dental prostheses.

  • Specifications:

The dental lathe is made of several parts and each part will play a unique role. The most important part of the dental lathe is that it comes with a rotating shaft and which will be fitted to the grinding stone, polishing wheels, and cutting instrument.   

  • In the lathe, you will find the dust collection system which will grind the debris and dust from the crown or denture
  • The motor will offer low noise and high performance so that the polishing can be easily done in a shorter period
  • The lathe comes with a sharper end, so it will offer a smooth finish to the denture model
  • Every lathe will consist of a ball bearing which will prevent the entry of dust and debris and also it is lubricated well so that it can be used for a longer time
  • Types:
  1. In the polishing lathe, you will get the polishing unit which is present in the stainless steel department and the polishing unit is mainly used for storing the brushes or abrasives or any other kind of workpieces. This kind of polishing unit can be controlled automatically as there will be both main and additional switch
  2. In the grinding polishing lathe, the dental lathe will come with three layers of filters to capture all kinds of debris. This is considered the most powerful polishing lathe in the dental market. Here it will offer a high efficiency but also you will be convenient work with this kind of lathe
  3. The dental laboratory lathe is small and compact, but it offers higher polishing as it operates at two different speeds. It offers higher protection while working as it is made of metal parts
  • Benefits of the lathe:

The lathe has been widely used in dental laboratories, and you won’t find a single dental laboratory without the lathe. The lathe consists of a lot of benefits and when compared to the milling machine, the performance of the lathe will be greater. There are many dental parts but still, it has been difficult to find the right part for the polishing and finishing of the dental implants. That is why the lathe has been discovered in the dental industry to make the polishing and finishing process easier and also you can able to get accurate results. The lathe will make the artificial teeth looks natural.  

Bottom Line:

There are different types of the lathe are available, and according to the type of lathe, the speed and torque control will get varied. You can choose a lathe that will meet your needs and also which fits your lab well.