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mandrels dental lab tools

Mandrel dental products in 6 popular types options

  • Application of fitting silicon rubber, diamond discs, and flexible disc both in laboratory and clinic available.
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Professional dentistry mandrels

Dental mandrels can be used to connect different wheels and tips to a lab or operatory handpiece. These mandrels should be made of a durable material and make it easy for attachments to be connected and disconnected. Most mandrels feature a screw top to secure the connection.

A dental mandrel is applied in a dental handpiece (straight or contra-angle) for polishing, grinding, and smoothing in a dental lab denture or dental clinical restoration workpiece. The mandrel has a split stud or screws at one endpoint to secure a dental mandrel disc, wheel, mounted stone, or prophy cup.

Dental mandrel fit for the diamond disc or silicon resin dis, rubber point, sandpaper, etc to polish the dental laboratory workpiece. The dental mandrel product series fits the dental lab handpiece and contra-angle handpiece respectively.

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