HP Diamond Burs

HP Diamond Burs

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red fine dental lab diamond burs for zirconia

Diamond burs dental laboratory use

  • Application: Dental laboratory zirconia, porcelain etc. finishing and polishing
  • Package: 30pcs per box.
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Product Description

HP Diamond Burs Dental Lab

Diamond burs are most commonly used for cutting through porcelain, and carbide burs are best for preparing cavities for fillings, shaping bone, and removing old fillings.

They leave the surface smoother than carbide burs. The appropriate laboratory diamond burs can make all the difference in precision, efficiency, and outcomes.

Laboratory dental HP diamond burs are developed for cutting, modeling, and polishing prosthetics, plaster models, and other acrylic treatments. Some of the most widely used forms include the H1 steel ball cutter, which has exceptional cutting power for all types of materials and is larger than the average size for intraoral use and mainly for use with Handpieces (ISO 104).

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