FG Diamond Burs

FG Diamond Burs

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TF-11 Dental Diamond Burs


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Product Description

FG Diamond Burs Dental

Dental diamond burs are used in conjunction with a dental handpiece to cut tooth hard tissue, usually enamel. 

The grinding motion cuts with extreme precision and leaves a rough surface.

Available in a wide variety of shapes,lengths ,sharpness and grits sizes- each one offering specific advantages.

FG Diamond Burs Order Chart

  • Ball burs: cavity preps, creating grooves and retention for prosthetics and surgery, Access preps/ chamber opening
  • flat-tipped Cylindrical burs: for chamfer preps in ceramic crown preparations.
  • flat-tipped Conical burs: inlay preps, chamfering, and counter-chamfering finishing lines
  • Inverted Cone burs: Cavity preps & creating retentions, shaping the occlusal surface.
  • Flame burs: refining shape of the proximal or buccolingual walls in surgery or prosthetics.
  • Wheel Bur: For creating mechanical retentions, deep cuts and occlusal shapes.

Manufactured by leading dental brands like Dentsply Sirona, Meisinger, Kerr Rotary, Premier Dental.

Noticification: Please email or Whatapp us what models you need, or we will send the popular size at random.