Dowel Pins Dental Twins

Dowel Pins Dental Twins

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Twin dowel pins dental for die guards, and without wearing off design.

  • Application: twin dental dowel pins used for pinning plaster arch models in the dental laboratory.
  • Package: 500 sets per box, 0.8 kg per 500 sets.
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twin dowel pins dental lab tools for sale


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Product Description

Twin pins dental

A dental dowel pin includes an improved geometry for increasing the accuracy of placement of a tooth die in a base support in the dental laboratory, and for maintaining this accuracy despite dust or wear of the dowel or its retaining slot in said base support.

Dowel pins serve to give strength and stability in joining fractured bone where splints are either not practical or sufficiently strong. In dental applications, dowel pins can be inserted in a root canal to provide retention and alignment for a crown, and in the dental laboratory implant plaster model production.

The overall length of the dental dowel twin pin sleeve is 20mm with high-quality die guards which provides added stability and eliminates rotation. Extremely precise, with no distortion, and used easily with Pindex Machine.