Dental Curette

Dental Curette

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Wholesale instrument of dental curette online

  • for removing subgingival calculus, root planing
  • 3pcs minimum, free shipping
curette instrument for removing deep subgingival calculus


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Product Description

Dental Curettes Hand Scaler

Curettes are sharp, spoon-shaped instruments used in oral surgery to clear out infected cavity areas. The optimal curette relies on the condition of the tooth socket and the location of the cavity.

Curettes can be used to remove undesirable debris, tissue, or cysts from the tooth socket, remove subgingival calculus during periodontal surgical procedures, and transfer bone graft. The oral surgery curette has varied criteria for each oral surgeon. The hollow, ergonomic handles on double-ended spoons help you be more comfortable during surgery and provide greater care to all of your patients.