Periodontal Surgical Curette

Periodontal Surgical Curette

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Periodontal surgical curette dental kit for sale online

  • 2pcs per kit, full length in 17 cm, net weight 25 g per piece
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Periodontal Surgical Curette


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Product Description

Periodontal surgical curette

It is a periodontal surgical device with two ends that are spoon-shaped. Specifically used in dentistry to remove tissues, debridement of dental alveoli after extraction, removal of cysts (granulomas), sick tissues from the alveoli, and periapical lesions.

They’re also utilized to get rid of any leftovers in the socket after a tooth extraction.

They’re constructed of stainless steel.

A long, slender device with a handle at the proximal end is used for cutting and excising bone tissue.

Package: 2pcs per kit.