Universal Implant Prosthetic Driver Kit

Universal Implant Prosthetic Driver Kit

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Implant Torque Wrench Prosthetic Kit Universal Screwdriver Tools

Universal implant prosthetic kit online

  • Fit most popular implant dental system
  • Drivers with torque wrench
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Product Description

Universal Implant Prosthetic Driver Kit with Drivers and Torque Wrench

You can use the Universal Implant Prosthetic Driver Kit with any implant brand attachment. Not having to order drivers from many providers’ saves time and money.

Remove and fasten implant prosthetics with this kit. It comes with everything you need to torque clinical and prosthetic screws to the proper torque value. The number of patients with implants from various manufacturers is increasing all the time – and when abutments and prostheses need to be removed or replaced, the treating practice frequently lacks the appropriate tool for the “foreign” system. Our new Full Range Driver Kit comes in handy in this situation.

It includes instruments for prosthetic screws from the most well-known brands. At the same time; the user-friendly box provides secure and convenient storage, guaranteeing that the required screwdriver can be found immediately.

We provide two options of universal implant prosthetic kit for your better dentistry treatment.

  • Manual torque wrench type

Universal Implant Prosthetic Driver Kit with Torque Wrench manual use

Products dimension and quantity:16pcs drivers with torque wrench.

Manual Use Universal Prosthetic Tool Kit

  • Machine use: Both Wrench and Hand piece Compatible with Adapter

implant prosthetics with driver

Machine Use Universal Implant Prosthetic Tool Kit

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Manual use, Machine use