How to get a safe Storage of dental lab products

How to get a safe Storage of dental lab products

Storage of dental lab products

The dental lab helps to manufacture or customized the various dental products and assists the dentists with oral health provisions. Working in a dental lab is quite different from a dental clinic. The lab technician and qualified staff utilize a variety of dental lab instruments and dental materials for fabrication. The efficiency of a dental lab chiefly related to the quality of materials and instrument used in the construction of dental products. Careful storage of dental products not only improves the quality of work but also aid in the shelf life of dental equipment’s and products. Poorly stored dental devices or materials affects the final quality of dental prosthesis or other devices. They can also contaminate the dental impression and there are chances of cross-contamination. Experienced and trained dental laboratory staff can reduce the health hazards related to poor storage of dental products. The article will provide a guide for the careful storage of dental products.

Storage of sterilized instruments.

The reuses able, non-disposable instruments that can be used for more than one patient should properly sterilize after every procedure. Like dental lab burs, dental pressure pot, metal dental impression tray, facebow dental should be sterilized or autoclave after contact with the patients. The different methods of sterilization are used for each product. The best method for sterilization of metal equipment is dry heat or autoclave. It not only cleans all bacteria but also prevents the corrosion of dental instruments. After cleaning dental products, the other important step is their storage. Used to clean containers for the storage of sterilized instruments. Don’t touch the instruments with a bare hand. Use clean gloves for the handling of instruments to prevent contamination.

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  • Storage of dental materials. 

The dental lab utilizes a variety of dental materials in the fabrication and construction of dental devices. The most commonly used materials are impression materials, dental stones, ceramic, composites and dental base materials. They used in dental restorations and prosthesis formation. The shelf life of these materials is related to careful storage. Always store the dental materials in dry and cool places. The low humidity level helps to maintain the original characteristics of products. You can also follow the manufacturing guidelines about the storage of specific dental materials.

  • Storage of dental impression and molds.

The careful storage of the dental impression is essential to generate an accurate replica of the patient’s mouth. The well-detailed impression can generate minor details of oral tissue and teeth. The dentist takes the impression by using the impression materials in a suitable dental impression tray. Then the impression tray is delivering to the dental lab for the construction of molds. Different types of impression materials have different storage time. They can vary from a few minutes to days. The best way to store the impression is to follow the manufacturing instructions. Use the clean storage bags of containers that avoid the contamination of impression. The metal dental impression tray can be reused after the poring of dental stones for dye formation. The mold is used for further processing and send back to the dental clinic for patient trial and use of face bow dental and other patients related details.

Most metal instruments like a dental pressure pot, face bow dental or dental articular can be used for a long time after proper handling. While disposable dental instruments like plastic dental impression tray should carefully dispose of after every procedure. The sharp instruments like needles, blades placed in the special container to avoid any injury or accident.