Dental Zirconia Cosmetic Surgery

Dental Zirconia Cosmetic Surgery

CAD CAM Dental zirconia cosmetics

What is Zirconia in Dentistry?

Zirconia has been originated from Zirconium Oxide which was used for medical purposes. There is various usage of zirconium oxide around us, but the usage of zirconium is limited in dentistry. It consists of a ceramic ingredient that is very useful for our teeth.

Zirconia is not the only option for dental surgeons. There is porcelain, ceramic, metal, composite resin, and other combinations of materials like PFM (porcelain Fused to Metal), etc. But if you want the best of the lot, then you have to think about zirconium. To an expert dental surgeon as well as to you, the material matters a lot along with the location of the tooth, the function of the crown, how much of your natural tooth will remain, the amount of gum will show when you talk, etc. But, the procedure from the dentist to the dental lab is easy to implant a new crown.

Dental Crowns made from Zirconia

dental zirconia cosmetic restoration

A dental crown is a savior to you when you have any related problem in your natural tooth. These are the caps that usually cover a tooth or any dental implant. Expert dentists often recommend the usage of a dental crown in case you have a week or wrongly shaped or broken teeth. Even if your teeth are severely discolored or worn down heavily, then also dental crowns are advised. It is also helpful in strengthening multiple teeth and acts as a bridge in several cases.

When it comes to the material of the dental crowns, of course, metal and ceramic crowns are in the market for several years. People now exploring the other option in the form of a zirconia crown that has its benefits and advantages. As zirconia is made from zirconium dioxide, so it is durable for the long run without any doubt.

Benefits of dental zirconia cosmetic dentistry

Now, people are more in favor of the zirconia crown due to its long list of benefits. Here is the general idea of dental zirconia advantage:  

  • Strength – The biggest benefit of zirconia is its durability and strength. Considering a good amount of force, you apply to chew any sort of food, zirconia crowns can give you enough strength for a longer period. As the crown should be strong enough, so zirconia is a good choice for that. And, being strong from the inside, dentists also need not give much effort in shaping a zirconia crown for your teeth.
  • Durability – As per various research and study reports are concerned, zirconia crowns are as effective as metal ones; even more in some cases. These are durable also, and you can rest assured for several years without any worry.
  • Biocompatibility – Zirconia is a non-reactive material. So, it has become an obvious choice for dental surgeons. Once fit into your teeth, it will not produce any reaction and no inflammation is noted as a part of immunological adjustments. Due to all these features, zirconia is nowadays preferred by millions of people across the world.
  • Faster Fitting Process – Expert dentists can make zirconia crowns on their own rather than sending the measurement into the laboratories. Due to this process, lesser time is taken, and your crown can be set in a single visit also. You need to visit twice if zirconia crowns are to be fitted.
  • Technology Friendly – People who are preparing zirconia crowns normally use a dental milling machine to make the crowns as per tooth size from a dental zirconia blank. The entire process is known as Chair side Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics or CEREC in short. This uses dental cad cam technology (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing – CAD/CAM) for fast and perfect output.

Like any material, zirconia too has its limitations. But the list is very small, and it’s up to you to decide whether you will go for it or not.

  • Color Mismatch – Any zirconia crown is opaque and it might not look as natural as your teeth. This is true if you have monolithic zirconia crowns. If you use these crowns in the back of your mouth, then this issue can be overcome easily.
  • Hardness – Some dental surgeons are not in favor of using zirconia crowns as these are a bit hard than others and it might give an uncomfortable experience to the next teeth. But, this is a rare case and most people are overlooking this feature due to other benefits of zirconia crowns.

The general idea of dental zirconia advantage is more than the disadvantages associated with zirconia surgery.

The dental zirconia crown cosmetic surgery Procedure:

There are two ways of dental zirconia cosmetic dentistry – either in a single day or in two days.

If you prefer a two-day visit to your dentist, then he will do an X-ray of your mouth and will prepare your tooth by administering local anesthesia. The outer layer of your tooth will be removed if needed, and he will take an impression of your tooth. He will install a temporary crown over the tooth and will give the measurement to a laboratory for making your desired crown. You have to visit another day when the crown is ready to be fitted in your mouth.

And, if you want a single-day installation of your zirconia crown, then the dental surgeon will take a digital picture of your tooth, will scan those pictures in related dental cad cam software to create the crown, and will fix the same into the desired place. This is a very simple and time-saving approach compared to others.

The procedure from the dentist to the dental lab is easy in the case of zirconia crown installation and you can check that anytime whenever you want.


Zirconia crowns are the best option if you need to have one of your teeth. It is durable, and hardly any maintenance is needed to keep this working. But, before going for any final decision, go through the benefits and advantages sections. Also, have a talk to your dentist about the cost and other related aspects. Zirconia is the new age solution, and you must avail the same if it fits as per your requirements.