A guide to dental Laboratory Equipment Maintenance

A guide to dental Laboratory Equipment Maintenance

dental Laboratory Equipment Maintenance

Efficacy of Dental laboratory is the key factor for successful dental management. Dental lab workers handled the all-processing steps of dental fabrications. The dental lab utilizes a variety of instruments for this purpose. The maintenance and care of dental lab equipment’s are necessary for error-free processing. The long-term care of dental instruments preventing unnecessary re-purchases and also increases the shelf life of the equipment. we will provide a complete guide of dental Laboratory Equipment Maintenance.

Cleaning of instruments.

For a long life of dental instruments is essential to clean after use. You can use a daily wipe for instruments exteriors or can carry a weekly deep clean. For corrosion-resistant instrument, a damp wipe can be used with any disinfectant. Use of disinfectant spray for pindex system, dental die cutting machine article, dental dowel pins and dental articular prevents the contamination and clean the surface bacteria. The cleaning of instruments also removes the surface dust and reduces the chances of impurities in the dental lab fabrications.

Calibration of instruments.

Poor calibration of dental instruments can reduce the efficiency of final products. The calibration error can cause disfigurements and loss of balance of dental appliances. Failure to calibration can cause the lack of reliability and failure of final dental products. pindex system has the pin that should mark in the center if there is any problem in calibration the dental dowel pins can’t mark the hold on the desired place in the mold. Similarly, a dental die cutting machine should properly be calibrated for fine trimming and cutting of the die.

Pindex Dental Machine

Inspection of dental instruments:

 A weekly and monthly inspection for all dental lab equipment’s helps to replace and repair the damaged instruments. Check the working quality of electric instruments like dental die cutting machine and calibration for marking instruments including pindex system, dental dowel pins.

 Repairs of damaged instruments.

The repair of defective and damaged instruments is critical in providing quality services. The broken and faulty instruments not only affect the quality delivery of final products but can cause any accidental situation in the dental lab. There should be some appointed staff in the dental lab that keep the record of all these instruments and repair them after regular intervals. 

Reconditioning of dental instruments.

Repair and Refurbishment of instruments enhance the longevity and performance of the instrument. The proper lubrication of dental pindex system or dental machines increases their working ability. If the instruments display signs of wear and tear, consider repairing them at this early stage of prevention. Polishing and cleaning of whole instrument parts are also beneficial for exceptional results. Always buy high-quality dental instruments that can resist corrosion. The low-quality corrosive instruments not only waste your money but also affects the final performance. It is a common saying buy cheap, pay twice. Hire experienced dental lab staff that have authentic knowledge about the use and handling of dental instruments. In case of any error contact the relevant authority before making and self-change to dental equipment.