Dentures – Types, Cost, Care And More

Dentures – Types, Cost, Care And More


A denture is a custom-made replacement for missing teeth. People who are suffering for their missing teeth problems can consider opting for this solution. Dentures help people to eat and speak normally. Continue reading to know all the information about dentures.

1. What Is a Denture?

A Denture is a prosthetic device. It is also known as false teeth. However, unlike your original teeth, you can easily take it out whenever you want or put it back. It gets support from the surrounding tissues of the oral cavity.

So overall, it is fair to conclude that this device, in general, is removable. Take the example of the acrylic partial denture. Your dentist will recommend it if he/she thinks that only a few of your teeth need replacement.

Meanwhile, it is also important to understand that not all devices have removable features. Some dentures also come with bonding or clasping features. This type of fixed prosthodontics is known as dental implants.

2. Cost

The cost of this device is not inexpensive, but it doesn’t mean that they are totally out of reach. Their cost mainly depends on the built material. Individuals are always recommended to opt for a good material because it will give you a comfortable feel.

Meanwhile, high-quality material is also known for its durability. These are the two main reasons for which you should consider opting for spending more on buying a high-quality denture. Meanwhile, you also have to understand that partial dentures will cost less than the full ones. In the below section you will come to know about them in details.

3. Types

The device can be categorized into several types, but in this section, you will come to know about the most popular ones among them. People who still have some of their natural teeth can opt for partial dentures. This type of device comes with a pink color base.

However, if you have lost all of your teeth, then full dentures or complete dentures can be your best pick. In this case, the dentist takes a few weeks for placing the entire denture. However, if the expert thinks that you need an immediate replacement, then he/she might recommend you immediate dentures.

People who are looking for an extremely cost-effective solution can also opt for economy dentures. But before opting for this, one needs to understand that this is a generic denture. So the chances are high that it won’t fit securely or comfortably inside of your mouth. If money is really not an issue for you, then you should consider avoiding this option.

4. Care

Brushing the device is an important part of denture care. So consider brushing it at least once or twice a day. While brushing it, you have to handle it with utmost care. After eating, you should consider taking out the device and then clean your mouth. After that you can put it back in its place.

You can also use cleaning materials to clean your denture. However, if you just run water over it even, then it will work excellent.