What Does a Laboratory Technician Do?

What Does a Laboratory Technician Do?

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If your dentist advises you to go for dentures, then you should not wait for long. Oral infection is one of the worst things that we can have and it attracts several other diseases. So, whenever you face any slight issue inside your mouth or in your teeth, you must consult your dentist without any delay. Once the dentist prescribes you for a denture, then the function of laboratory technician starts.

But before that, you need to know some important things about dentures.

Important Aspects

Have you ever thought about whether this denture is for your entire tooth or for partial purpose? If this is for the entire, then it’s found. But if it is a partial one, then you need to check if any other denture is there inside your mouth or not. Further, whether you are going for a permanent solution or a temporary one, for the time being, is also a thing to check out. If you are the first-timer in denture fix, then you might be anxious and nervous. But, trust me, there is nothing to worry about in fixing the dentures. It has nothing to be worried and it will fit in your mouth very easily. Modern-day equipment has made it look alike your natural one and you can do everything that your normal teeth did. It will fit into your mouth as per your inside shape and size. You won’t feel any pain neither discomfort while hearing this.

Now let’s come to what does a laboratory technician does. Well, the denture can be of various materials. You have to choose and the technician will arrange the same accordingly. Acrylic is one of the common types so as resin-based and metal-based ones also. There are other materials like thermoplastic polymer or others by which also you can prepare your denture. It’s all based on your choice and affordability.

See how a laboratory technician prepares your denture.

First, a preliminary impression is taken of your mouth and that is very important. The measurement must be perfect and all angles are to be noted accordingly. The precision finish of your denture will make you popular and famous among your clients. People will come to you from all over the world due to your perfection. So you must use all the relevant tools to make the best measurements.

After the primary impression part is over where impressions are taken in non-perforated stock trays, there comes a secondary impression. In this step, border molding is done using a green stick. Also, the second impression is taken using ZOE paste in a customized tray

 The next step is related to the jaw where recording is done on occlusal rims and the records are then transferred to the articulator for setting up the teeth.

Trail of the waxed denture is the next step where you can check if everything is alright or not. If not, then you have to modify certain sections. Once your client gives you the green signal, then you can easily pack the things and can hand them over to him.

While exercising this practice, a dentist or a laboratory technician needs special tools and items. You can find these items of various shapes, sizes, and prices. If you are interested to be a renowned dentist or an expert technician, then you should not compromise with the quality of the products. Let’s check what are the most important ones to a laboratory technician:

A trimmer is one of the most important items of any technician. Trimmers are required for trimming the gypsum cast or the refractory. Trimmers come in dry mode, wet mode, and a combination of dry or wet mode. You have to use these as per your situation. And, there are relevant guidelines also. For example, if you are using a dry trimmer, then you must have a dust retraction device with you for better performance. Further, you can go for single when or dual wheel trimmers based on your requirements. These are required for rough cutting and for finishing the dentures.

Well, this is another most important item in the preparation of dentures. As a laboratory technician, you must know how to use this, what is the utility of this item and when you will use it. These machines are generally used for increasing bonding strength. It increases the effective surface area, so the process becomes easier. It also polishes the restoration surface and comes in either air compressor operated ones or vacuum ones. You can choose any of those as per your need.

This is one of the most important items if you want to prepare the perfect denture. Mirror with led lights is mostly preferred so that it can illuminate the entire inside part of your mouth. Also, the quality of mirror glass should be the best and it must cover every corner so that you can take perfect measurements of the denture. Even, this mirror is helpful in identifying if any serious things are developing inside the mouth.

  • Denture burs

If you need to cut hard tissues of bone or teeth, then you need a denture bur. This is a very sensitive item and a technician should take care of this item. These are made of tungsten carbide or stainless steel. Various types of dental burs are available in the market. You need to check which one you will require. But, all the burs are having a head and a shank.

  • Dowel dentistry is also an important aspect to the technician same as choosing the dental lab boxes. These boxes must be of good quality so that you can put the dentures and give the same to your customer. In several cases, the customer may carry the same to other cities. Hence, the box should be strong enough to be carried in such cases.

This is all about what does a laboratory technician does while preparing the dentures. Apart from taking correct measurements and denture processing, he has to take care of the items to be used in the entire process.