Sintered Diamond Burs

Sintered Diamond Burs

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Sintered Diamond HP Burs

Fully sintered diamond burs wholesale deal online.

  • HP Sintered diamond burs
  • Grits: fine and super fine, idea for metal framework polishing
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HP sintered diamond burs

A sintered diamond bur is one in which the head of the instrument is made of diamond particles and a binder material. Diamond is embedded in the matrix of these burrs, which reaches all the right down to the shaft. As a result, they last a long period.

They’re made using international standards to exact standards, so they’re incredibly smooth. These burrs are fully sintered and durable, allowing for efficient grinding, polishing, and precise finishing. The super coarse grit is used for smoothly grinding or polishing, especially the metal surfaces. On the other hand middle to fine coarse grit, burrs are used for zirconia, ceramic porcelain, and alumina, etc.

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