Protraction Face Mask

Protraction Face Mask

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Protraction face mask orthodontics instrument for sale online,

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Protraction face mask Orthodontics


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Product Description

Protraction face mask orthodontic

It isĀ  a multi-adjustable facemasks are specially designed orthodontic appliances.

Protraction face mask orthodontic instrument is used in Class III malocclusion cases in growing patients.

The orthodontic face mask purpose treatment: force exertion on the upper jaw to match its growth with that of the lower jaw.

Process of orthodontic treatment from protraction face mask:

protraction face mask function demonstration

1. Select or adjust the front tractor according to the size of the patient’s face, pad the chin support and forehead support with medical gauze, and fix the front tractor in front of the patient’s face.

2. According to the diagnosis of patients, adjust the direction of the traction face mask force and the position of the force point in the mouth.

3. The traction force is generally between 500-1000g, which can be adjusted according to the patient’s age and tolerance.

4. When the traction force is large (1000g-3000g) in clinical use, if it is a movable appliance, it is necessary to strengthen the retention. If it is a fixed appliance, the main arch wire should be thick enough, generally 0.02 inch round wire or square wire.