Self Ligating Brackets

Self Ligating Brackets

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MBT or Roth, Hooks
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self ligating brackets online

Self ligating brackets wholesale prices online

  • Slot 22#
  • Roth, and MBT options
  • Hooks: without, on 3, on 3-4-5
  • 20pcs per box, free shipping

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Product Description

Self Ligating Orthodontic Braces features

  • passive self-ligating brackets¬†
  • fabricated by metal injection molding (MIM) with 17-4PH stainless steel.
  • Tooth number marked in the cap for easy identification
  • center lined for accurate brackets placement
  • low friction and light force
  • small size and low profile for patient comfort and operators control
  • laser welding technology on mesh base for easily bonding
  • incorporates multiple options, allowing flexibility for patient needs.¬†
  • Slide locks the arch wire into place, preventing the bracket from being unseated
  • tie wings and undercuts can be used for additional ligation if required.
  • Ultra-smooth surface of biocompatible cobalt-chromium
  • Brace treatment is efficient and convenience.
  • Self ligating bracket is biocompatible for nickel-sensitive patients.
  • Superior strength prevents slot collapse due to occlusal forces.
  • A smooth, Nano Polished surface helps prevent bacterial adhesion, reduces friction and enhances surface smoothness for patient comfort.
  • Maze Base Design provides optimal bond strength and unmatched adhesive retention during deboning.

Self ligating brackets options of Roth, MBT, and hooks available are without, hook on 3, and hooks on 3-4-5.

Additional Information

MBT or Roth

MBT, Roth


Without, Hook on 3, Hooks on 3-4-5