Buccal Tube Braces

Buccal Tube Braces

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Molar, Roth or MBT
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buccal tube brace

Single buccal tube braces wholesale prices for sale

  • Single tube, Roth, MBT


  • 1st Molar Roth/MBT 0.022″
  • 2nd Molar Roth/MBT 0.022″
  • Package: 4pcs/kit (UL*1pc,UR*1pc,LL*1pc,LR*1pc)
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Product Description

Single buccal tube braces features

  • The buccal tube braces are designed with single hole
  • wire is inserted through the one-hole tube 
  • It can be cemented directly on the teeth, or metal rings can be placed around molar bands to which the tube is welded.
  • Efficient design provides precise control at all stages of treatment and gives a predictable finish.
  • A mesial-gingival hook and a dimple in the tube facilitate ideal positioning
  • Wider entryway makes wire insertion easier
  • Smooth contour and low profile improve patient comfort
  • Wider span – increased bond strength
  • Buccal tube braces comes to 4pcs per kit, and 1st & 2st Molar Roth/MBT 0.022″
  • Free shipping, 10 set minimum

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1st molar, 2st molar

Roth or MBT

Roth, MBT