Press Ingots Lithium Disilicate

Press Ingots Lithium Disilicate

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Translucency, Shades
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Dental Press Ingots For Sale

Press Ingnot Lithium Disilicate Block Best Deal:

  • HT, LT translucency
  • 16 Vital Classic Shades, plus bleach shades
  • 10pcs per box, Free shipping.
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Press Ingots Dental Glass Ceramic Block

Ingot Press is a type of lithium disilicate glass ceramic that has been pressed.

Almost any indications, from inlays to 3-unit bridges, may be created thanks to its high strength (300 Mpa) and the different opacities and colors contained in the press ingots dental ceramic product family.

All of the ingots in the system have a distinct chameleon effect and luminescence that is true to life. Ingot Press is a lithium disilicate press ingot made in a factory for the production of high-strength, completely ceramic dental prosthesis.

For the true-to-life manufacture of dental prosthesis, the system includes ingot kinds of various translucence and hues. The low chemical solubility ensures a high level of tissue tolerance.


  • Size: 12.5x10mm, 10pcs/box
  • HT (High translucency), LT (Low translucency), Vita 16 colors plus blench shade

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