Porcelain Teeth Checker

Porcelain Teeth Checker

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Zirconia, Porcelain etc. Prosthesis Checker Kit For Dental Technicians

  • 4pcs per kit
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dental technician porcelain teeth checker


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Product Description

Dental Technician Porcelain Teeth Checker

A dental lip measuring model is used to test the porcelain or other dental appliances, for quality testing. A dental technician tools kit in the laboratory is a lip measurement tool for dentures. It shows how the denture is going to look in the patient’s mouth and how much of the teeth and gum tissue would be visible. So basically, it determines denture aesthetics on different mouth shapes and also checks tooth alignment. This porcelain teeth checker is suitable for quality testing, tooth arrangement, etc.

It is durable and reusable: High density and abrasion resistant, durable and practical, convenient to use, made of high-quality material, strong and durable.

The porcelain teeth checker comes in 4pcs different shapes per set.