HP Zirconia Polishers

HP Zirconia Polishers

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twist dental lab zirconia polishing system

HP Dental Lab Zirconia Polishing System Series.

  • HP dental lab polisher utilizes coarse, medium, and fine diamond abrasive mixture to bring out zirconia prosthesis restoration to a high shine.
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Product Description

Dental HP Zirconia Polishing Series

HP Zirconia Polisher utilizes a unique diamond abrasive mixture to give zirconia materials a high shine. It removes scratches, smoothers rough surfaces, and creates a high gloss surface on all zirconia crowns, bridges, substructures, and abutments.

  • Ideal for smoothing, and polishing your Zirconia restorations with a luster finish.
  • These new Strauss polishers are unique and unparalleled in design and performance, unlike anything else currently offered
  • The unique, flexible but rigid shape, adapts to all surfaces.
  • They are multi-use and can be sterilized and reused (up to 15-20 uses).

These HP zirconia polishers ensure a fast, safe, low-heat treatment of zirconium oxide without neglecting precision. Checking the following product options available.

  • Coarse grit

coarse grit dental laboratory zirconia prosthesis polisher size

  • Medium grit

medium grit polishing dental lab zirconia order size

  • Fine grit

red fine dental hp zirconia polisher order size

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