Diamond Disc

Diamond Disc

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diamond disc for dental laboratory

Diamond disc dental laboratory cutting tools

  • Application of zirconia, acrylic denture, plaster arch, etc. cutting
  • Package: one piece per pack.
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Dental Diamond Disc

Diamond-cutting blades are manufactured by cementing diamond grits to the blade’s steel body, resulting in a harder, more robust blade capable of cutting even the toughest materials. Contouring, manufacturing, finishing, and molding dental restorative materials are all done with diamond discs.

From segmenting plaster models to contouring, precutting, and separating acrylics, ceramics, and composite veneers, diamond discs can help you get the best results every time. They enable smooth transition-free grinding, effective material reduction, and increased stability.  For various uses, they are available in a variety of widths, diameters, and grit sizes. Finer discs are used for polishing and finishing, whereas coarser discs remove more material.

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