Denture Acrylic Burs

Denture Acrylic Burs

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acrylic denture adjustment burs

Burs for adjusting and polishing acrylic dentures in the laboratory

Denture Acrylic Burs Application:  trimming, finishing, adjusting, and polishing the denture bases

Package: 100pcs per pack.

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Dental Acrylic Burs For Adjustment and Polishing

The acrylic burs are constructed of high-quality silicone material, which is both safe and environmentally sustainable. These burs are used for removing stains and polishing. Moreover, they are also used for smoothing ceramic and zirconia materials. Silicon rubber polisher designed to polish acrylic resin base plates, and denture bases. You will be surprised to know that these burs are also used for manicures and pedicures. Dental silicone burs are available in coarse, medium, and high grit.

Finishing, smoothing, and/or polishing composite is done with silicone rubber polishing burs. Such abrasive finishing and polishing tools are made up of fine or ultra-fine abrasive particles scattered and held in a softer, elastic matrix.

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