Dental Measuring Guage

Dental Measuring Guage

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Application wax or implant
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Spring Dental Calipers for implant

Spring Dental Calipers /Gauges are used to measure prosthesis of wax and implant

  • Two model caliper application options: Wax and implant prosthesis.
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Product Description

Sliding caliper for dental lab measuring

Dental Calipers are widely used to measure the teeth or spaces between teeth. These dental instruments accommodate a wide range of dental practices. Also, the dental caliper measures the width of metal, wax, and crown size in dental cosmetic procedures. It has a scale or screw for measuring sizes in the dental lab. The caliper has two sharp pins for dental measuring. It accurately measures the implant place crown size for the prosthetic placement. It can freely move and gives the perfect size of the crown.

The thick pins are used for the wax sheets measurement and thin for measuring the metal for implant surgeries. The instrument features a particular flat end, perfect for measuring teeth size and the distance of spaces between dental structures.

Additional Information

Application wax or implant

Application of wax, Application of implant