Medium Plain Cut Carbide Burs Laboratory

Medium Plain Cut Carbide Burs Laboratory

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bullet shape plain cut medium grit

Medium plain cross-cut carbide burs dental laboratory

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Product Description

Carbide burs (medium plain cut) forĀ dental laboratory

The Dentsma medium plain crosscut (CN) bur is the perfect choice for coronal filing and is available in 8 varieties. Its ideal hardness makes it one of the safest and most durable options. The medium plain crosscut is used for coarse abrasion on chrome-cobalt alloys, precious metal alloys, chrome-nickel alloys, model cast alloys, and acrylics. In dental labs, it is used for milling, crown and bridge, acrylic, and porcelain veneers.

  • Material-tungstenĀ carbide
  • Ring color-Blue
  • Varieties available- 8
  • Application – dental laboratories
medium plain cut round shape
Round medium plain cut carbide burs round for laboratory
round medium plain cut dental laboratory burs
bullet shape plain cut medium grit
taper round end plain cut medium carbide burs dental technician
carbide burs dental lab taper plain cut
taper round end medium plain cut carbide burs dental lab
dental lab carbide burs medium plain cut

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