Composite Filling Instruments

Composite Filling Instruments

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Set of 6pcs Composite Placement Instrument For Sale Online

  • 7 size with different head and color-coded
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Set of 6pcs Composite Filling Instruments


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Product Description

Composite Filling Instruments

This equipment makes it simple for the dentist to place, sculpt, and contour dental composites. All composite placement tools can be autoclaves.

CT-1 Composite plastic filling instrument

Titanium Blue Coated Dental Composite Plastic Filling Instruments from Direct Instruments Professional Kit. For bigger composite restorations, the Super Plugger is employed. Carving occlusal anatomy can also be done with the round or angular edge.

Equipment for smoothing and polishing the surface or edge of a dental restoration is the Beavertail Burnisher. Football-shaped instrument for smoothness. Composite Instruments enable for superior non-stick material application without causing the restoration to discolor.

Package: 7pcs per kit.