Zirkonzahn Burs

Zirkonzahn Burs

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M5 zirkon zahn dental zirconia milling tool

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  • CrN PMMA, and DC(diamond coated) Zirconia application options
  • M3, M5 and M6 milling system compatibility
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zirkonzahn burs

We supply zirkonzahn dental milling burs for PMMA and Zirconia application.

  • NC(non-coated) is application of zirconia milling
  • DC (Diamond coated) coated layer is application of zirconia, it has long life span
  • CrN coated layer is application of PMMA

Burs are compatible with M3 and M5,M6 Milling machine.

  • 3 mm shank burs is for M3 System
  • 6 mm shank bur is for M5 and M6

Clients can choose the zirkonzahn burs with size and CAD/CAM dentistry purpose carefully before checkout.

CAD CAM Zirkon zahn dental milling tools size

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ZZ-03-05-CRN, ZZ-03-05-NC, ZZ-03-10-CRN, ZZ-03-10-NC, ZZ-03-20-CRN, ZZ-03-20-NC, ZZ-03-20-DC, ZZ-06-05-NC, ZZ-06-10-NC, ZZ-06-20-NC, ZZ-06-20-DC