Roland Burs

Roland Burs

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CAD CAM Dental Roland Burs Wholesale Prices Online

  • Application of zirconia, E-max lithium disilicate options
  • Coated layers: NC, DC,CrN options
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Product Description

Roland burs

We provide Roland dentistry cad cam milling burs compatibility that coated layer options of CrN, DC (Diamond Coated), and diamond burs are available for your better dentistry CAD/CAM restorations.

Purpose of coated layer:

  • CrN coated layer for PMMA
  • NC (Non-coated) coated layer for zirconia milling application
  • DC (Diamond coated) coated layer for Zirconia, it has long life span
  • Diamond burs for lithium disilicate(E-max)

When selecting the sizes and purpose of dental milling, please take a reference of followings size in details before checking out.

CAD CAM Roland 50 milling burs size

CAD CAM Roland burs for E-max size

Each unit of roland bur model is minimum 5pcs per order, free shipping to worldwide.

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RL-50-03-NC, RL-50-06-CRN, RL-50-06-NC, RL-50-10A-CRN, RL-50-10A-NC, RL-50-20A-CRN, RL-50-20A-NC, RL-50-20A-DC, RL-50-10B-CRN, RL-50-10B-NC, RL-50-20B-CRN, RL-50-20B-NC, RL-50-20B-DC, RL-00-06-ED, RL-00-10-ED, RL-00-25-ED