Micromotor Dental Carbide Burs

Micromotor Dental Carbide Burs

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micromotor dental carbide burs

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  • Dental lab hp carbide burs cutter
  • Grits: super-fine, fine, middle, coarse, super coarse
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Micromotor dental bur

The removal and contouring of prosthesis tooth structure is an important part of restorative dentistry. The term bur refers to all rotary cutting devices with bladed cutting heads that are used to remove tooth structure either by cutting or abrading. These burs are 2.35mm shank, micro motor dental can fit them in the laboratory.

Dental carbide burs are HP Shank and 5 types of grits from super fine to super coarse, they are applied to dental laboratory finishing and polishing on prosthesis of metal, acrylic resin, plaster model base, etc.

5 grits dental micromotor carbide burs

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