Dental Lab Acrylic Burs

Dental Lab Acrylic Burs

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round dental lab acrylic burs

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  • 5 type of grits from super coarse to super fine
  • Shape options of round and taper fissure
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Product Description

Dental Lab Acrylic Burs

  • Dental bur used in the dental laboratories are tougher and have more flexibility in shaping and cutting
  • Used for model trimming, crown preparation cut hard plastic. 
  • Have a specific shape and grit with an advanced cutting edge, varying for each technique
  • Available in Coarse, middle, and fine grits
  • Dental lab acrylic burs are round, taper fissure shape available


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Round coarse, Round Middle, Round Fine, Taper super coarse, Taper coarse, Taper Middle, Taper fine, Taper super fine