5 Tips Keep Your Teeth White And Sparkling

5 Tips Keep Your Teeth White And Sparkling

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Yellowing of the teeth is very common problem effecting the youth today. One of the major reasons is because of their poor eating style. The youth today consumes more coffee, tea, cola drinks, chocolates, aerated drinks and other junk food items that are harmful not only for the overall body but also for their teeth. Yellow stained teeth look real bad. And when you smile with those stained tooth, it looks even worse. You should take immediate measures to rectify it. What is the solution to deal with yellowing teeth? There are two solutions for this. You have to make sure that you follow them completely.

The first one is to regulate what you drink and eat. Cut down on coffee, tea, wine, aerated drinks, ketchup, sauce as all these have the potential to damage your choppers. Each of these items when consumed in large amounts can stain your teeth yellow. Instead of having multiple cups of coffee and tea throughout the day, minimize the number to two cups in total. Have one cup of coffee in the morning to charge you up for the day and one cup of tea in the evening to refresh yourself. If you are not a coffee lover or don’t drink tea then you need to limit the drink that you take. It should not be more than two cups per day. Neither is it good for your health nor for your teeth. Drinking too much tea or coffee can affect your sleep cycle. And consuming too much aerated drinks and having too much ketchup can affect your digestive system. So before your overall health and the condition of your tooth go for a toss, limit the amount of consumption without any delay.

The next solution is to opt for laser teeth whitening.This will help to get rid of the yellow stains and will whiten your teeth. Many people are opting for laser tooth whitening as it helps to restore the whiteness of the teeth. It has a natural finish and no one will be able to guess that you have opted for teeth whitening unless you tell others. However, when you opt for laser teeth whitening don’t forget to ask your dentist about the pre and post treatment measures that you need to follow so that your teeth remains in good shape.

Taking care of your choppers is something that you should have been taught quiet early in life. Both your parents and in school, they should have taught you about the importance of cleaning your tooth so that they do not get germs affected. If you have not learnt your lesson at the right time then let us share the basic details again with you:

  • Brush your teeth twice daily
  • Don’t forget to floss
  • Use a mouth freshener to kill the germs and bacteria
  • Don’t eat too many chocolates or sweet items
  • Don’t forget to visit the dentist at least once every three months